An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every design engineer who seeks to develop innovative products, as well as for anyone wishing to succeed as an entrepreneur. 

Students at the Faculty of Engineering can benefit from our entrepreneurial ecosystem to gain practical entrepreneurial skills and to start their own company. 

Gaining entrepreneurial skills and insight

The first step of developing an entrepreneurial mindset is the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge. Through these programs and initiatives, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and engineering design processes and will begin developing the skills needed to turn their ideas into action.

The Simon Nehme Summer Entrepreneurship School 

Our one-week school offers skill development sessions and hands-on workshops that cover a wide-spectrum of entrepreneurial topics delivered by matter experts, entrepreneurs, and members of the entrepreneurial community as well as academia.

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Hojjat Salemi International Students Workshops

This series of workshops for international students will help them develop important skills, get connected to key resources, grow their network and integrate the community industry ecosystem.

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Defining your idea

By partaking in these entrepreneurial competitions, students will get the opportunity to validate their product or service, develop based on client needs, and receive initial funds.

Entrepreneurial Idea Competition

Undergraduate and graduate students with an idea for a startup business or to make a difference in the community can partake in this competition to pitch their idea to a panel of judges and to receive feedback and potential prize money.

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Entrepreneurship Concepts Competition

The Entrepreneurship Concepts competition lets students present their innovative business plans to a panel of judges from the Ottawa community to receive funding of up to $5,000 to launch their idea.

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Launching your startup

Our growing entrepreneurial ecosystem can provide students with the resources and the support needed during every step of their startup journey.

MakerLaunch program

The MakerLaunch program provides student and recent alumni entrepreneurs with the support necessary to fast track commercialization of uOttawa Engineering technologies, and launch new tech startups.

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Master of Engineering in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design

Engineers who aspire to start their companies can now do so while earning a graduate degree with our new Master of Engineering in Entrepreneurial Engineering Design. This program provides students with a unique learning opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial design skills, to collaborate with industry leaders and to interact with professors to help create and launch new ventures.

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Entrepreneurial internships and CO-OP

Students can work on developing their entrepreneurial idea during a CO-OP work term or simply through an internship. Students will be provided with $6,000/term to either work on developing their own startup or to work in an existing startup.

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Giving back to the community

Entrepreneurs with success stories can support our current students on their startup journey in many ways.

Industry partnerships

Partnership opportunities provide excellent ways for industry, government and community to participate and engage with academia. 

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Financial support and sponsorships

We offer different avenues for sponsorship and support through our engineering design and entrepreneurship courses, programs and events.

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