Rama Obeid
Program Coordinator for the Hojjat Salemi International Students Workshops

If you are a new international student at the Faculty of Engineering, then this workshop series is for you! These workshops are a great opportunity to meet new people, develop important skills and integrate into the university community and the workforce in Canada.

The series offers biweekly training that cover various topics to help international students develop important skills, connect to resources and grow their network. Participants who partake in a minimum number of workshops will be offered a certificate of attendance and a digital badge. The training will also allow senior international students to become facilitators in the training and grow new skill sets.

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  • Provide mentorship and peer support to newly arrived international students.

  • Help international students develop skills that are important to the Canadian job market (through professional skills development workshops).

  • Help integrate international students into University of Ottawa network that includes alumni and community/industry ecosystems.


  • Mobilize resources and services to help international students integrate in the wider university setting, and lager Ottawa society.

  • Provide international students with a certification/proof of attendance which might lend credibility and assist in their search for jobs, volunteer positions, scholarships, or awards.

Large group of students


Some of the topics covered in the training are:

  • Effective communications skills

  • Goal setting techniques

  • Interview and resume writing

  • Professional development and leadership skills

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